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How it Works

1. Send an email to explaining your problem, topic, and/or question as clearly as possible with enough information for me to be able to help you resolve it. Let me know if you would like a private email only response or if you want a video response, and if you would like to remain anonymous or not. 


2. I will diagnose the problem/question and provide you an estimate via email as to what it will cost me to answer your question and solve your problem. 


3. If you agree with the price then you simply make payment Here 


4. Once payment is confirmed I will give you an approximate air date to your question. Depending on the complexity of the problem there may be follow up questions from me for additional information.

I charge $100 USD an hour for private 1 on 1 video consulting calls.

But Since these are mostly just simple questions we are answering, the minimum fee is $10

which increases as the answer to your question gets more complicated.

$10 minimum for a simple question, up to $50 for a more complicated question/problem.

Email your questions to

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