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Personalized Consultations


If you would like to talk to me please Send an email to explaining your problem, topic, and/or question as clearly as possible with enough information for me to be able to help you resolve it.

I will let you know if you need an actual consultation or if I can simply provide the answer to your question

with a simple answer. A personalized 1 on 1 conversation with me through a video call is $100 a session.

Each session is about 1 hour, or until all questions are answered. 


Every Thursday I go Live on my channel.

You can join us and be able to interact with me and ask me simple questions for FREE


Additionally if you would like to provide a Topic for me to discuss in a future Livestream

you can do this by providing a Donation

Depending on the topic will depend on the donation amount.

If interested in providing funding for a future livestream please send an email to


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