Personalized Basic Expat | Travel Services

I am offering my personal time & knowledge for those of you who enjoy my Merida Mexico YouTube content and would like for me to personally

help or guide you as you visit or move to Merida Mexico.

Examples of Services I Can Provide

Translation Services

Learning "The Basics"

Day Time Tour Guide

Street Food Tours

Night Time Bar Hopping

Basic Guidance Around Town & Beyond

Personal Guide to Attractions

Finding a Place to Live

Locating an Immigration Lawyer

Personalized Help With The Locals


Pretty Much Anything Else You Need Help With


How it Works

Once you know what kind of services you are interested in you simply send me an e-mail to and briefly describe what you would like help with. We will then have a more in depth conversation about what you would like and what I can do for you. Once we do that we come to a payment agreement for services rendered and proceed. Since this is personalized service and I offer so much each client will be completely different. This service is basically to complement the already free assistance I provide for my audience. I will always be available for free assistance as always. This is for those individuals out there that need more than just a few answers to some questions.


If you would like some personal 1 on 1 help while you are

moving or visiting Merida Mexico

Don't hesitate to contact me for more information.